SNI Mark Guidelines

The SNI Mark with the UL Indonesia identifier means that samples of wire and cable products have been tested and certified as meeting safety requirements for the Indonesia market.

When using the mark in any advertising and promotion, the SNI Mark may be used alone or it can be used with the UL Indonesia identifier. The UL Indonesia identifier must always be used in conjunction with the SNI Mark and may never be used alone on products, packaging, or any promotion or advertising. All uses of the SNI Mark must be accompanied by the SNI certificate number, e.g., SNI AA-BBBB-YYYY and a reference to LSPr-053-IDN , UL’s KAN-issued registration number.

Please also review the general guidelines to understand all responsibilities regarding using a UL Mark in promotion and advertising.

References to UL SNI Certification
Sample correct references Incorrect references
“UL certified to Indonesia safety standards.” “UL certification for Indonesia pending.”
“UL certified for Indonesia.” “UL approved for Indonesia.”
“This product is certified by UL to applicable standards for the Indonesia market.” “UL certified.”
“UL’s Indonesia certification means that this product is safe.”