Selling or distributing UL certified products helps differentiate you from your competitors. We encourage you to leverage a product’s UL certification in your advertising and promotion, and have developed this material to help you do so accurately.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when promoting UL certified products:

  • Make sure that any references to UL Solutions and UL certification are clear and accurate. Please refer to the sample correct references below for guidance.
  • If you choose to use a UL certification mark on your Web site, catalog, store display or advertising, please ensure that it is used in relation to a specific UL certified product and that you’re using the correct image. Please check the mark on the product and download the appropriate mark (for marks using the terms “Listed” or “Classified”) or badge (for marks using the term “certified”).
  • If some products appearing in a Web site, brochure, ad or catalog are entitled to bear the UL Mark but others are not, you must ensure the wording and placement of UL Solutions references make it clear which products are in fact certified by UL Solutions and which are not. Do not use the UL Mark in general advertising or promotional material to suggest that noncertified products have, in fact, been certified.
  • Web sites, catalogs, store displays or advertisements should only illustrate product uses that are consistent with a product’s UL certification.
  • Avoid claims about a product’s level of safety in relationship to UL certification.
  • The UL Mark should never appear more prominently in any advertising or packaging than the name of the company manufacturing or selling the product.
  • Products only tested to UL Standards and/or certified by other organizations cannot bear any UL Mark on them or in connection with their advertising.
  • The UL Mark and any words used to describe product certification must be large enough to be legible.
  • Please do not use the UL Solutions name or any UL Mark as an identifier or in any Web domain or subdomain names.


Sample correct references* Incorrect references
Product XYZ is UL certified Products in our catalog are approved by UL Solutions.
UL certified product We sell UL certified products.
This product is certified to applicable standards and requirements by UL Solutions. The UL Solutions approved products we sell are the safest on the market.
This product is certified by UL Solutions. Representative samples of this product have been evaluated by UL Solutions and meet applicable standards. This product is tested to UL Standards.

*Applies to UL Listed, Classified, Recognized and Performance Verified products as well.