Congratulations on qualifying to share your test data with UL. Now that you’ve made the investment in equipment and personnel to generate product test data to our exacting requirements, we encourage you to leverage this important credential in your marketing and advertising efforts to differentiate your company from your competitors.

These guidelines apply to all participants in:

  • UL’s Data Acceptance Program (Client Test Data Program, Third Party Test Data Program and Total Certification Program)
  • IECEE’s CB Testing Laboratories (CBTL), Specialized Testing Laboratories (SPTL) and Customers’ Testing Facilities Stage 1, 2 , 3 or 4 (CTF) for which UL is the responsible National Certification Body
  • UL’s Cybersecurity Data Acceptance Testing Laboratory (DATL) Program

Some examples of how you can promote your participation:

  • Feature in your print and digital advertising
  • Announce on your social channels and your website
  • Announce to your employees
  • Include in your sales collateral
  • Promote at trade shows
  • Feature in a promotional video
  • Issue a news release
  • Promote in your email signature
  • Promote on your vehicles, on or in your building, or on your building signage

In communicating about your participation in a UL test data acceptance program, please see the do’s and don’ts below:

Do’s Don’ts
  • Use the full name of the program, e.g., UL Client Test Data Program, IECEE CB Scheme Customers’ Testing Facility Stage Number, etc.
  • If your company has multiple locations and only one location is participating, always identify the specific participating location.
  • Promote your participation only after you are qualified.
  • Make sure your company logo/name are larger than any references to UL and the data acceptance program.
  • Remove any references to UL and the test data program once you are no longer actively participating.
  • Use the UL enterprise logo, certification Mark or promotional badge, or IECEE CB Scheme logo.
  • Include references to UL or UL programs on your company letterhead, company business card or in your web site domain name.
  • Promote that you are in the process of qualifying.
  • Identify your company or facility as being accredited or certified by UL, or designated as a UL test facility.
  • Use or promote with any UL report or UL certificate unless you have permission of UL to do so.
References to data acceptance programs
Sample correct references Sample incorrect references
  • We are a UL Client Test Data Program participant.
  • Our Acme facility has qualified as a UL’s IECEE CB Scheme Customer Testing Facility Stage Number.
  • We run our test facilities as a CB Testing Laboratory under UL (Demko) as the National Certification Body.
  • Our facility, Acme Labs, is an approved CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL) under the IECEE CB Scheme.
  • Our facility, Acme Labs, is an authorized Data Acceptance Testing Laboratory (DATL) under UL’s Cybersecurity Assurance Program Scheme.
  • We are a UL certified facility.
  • Our Acme facility is a UL testing location.
  • We’re having our facility audited as a CB Testing Facility.