This form may be used to request the review of a UL Type R LISTED, CLASSIFIED or CERTIFIED Mark. Only the manufacturer or applicant of the UL certified product can submit a Type R UL Mark review request.

The Type R UL Mark is required to have the appropriate UL symbol, a UL described product name as applicable, and a control number or UL file number for the Listee. UL will review the artwork to ensure the UL Mark contains the required elements as described in the Guide Information page for the UL Product Category. The Guide Information page can be accessed through UL Product iQ. Entering the UL category code (CCN) , look for the CCN Guide Info where a description of the required composition of the UL Mark can be found.

Visit Designing and Ordering UL Marks for additional information.

NOTE: Only one representative sample of the UL Mark for your product in a given File will be reviewed. If you have multiple labels where the UL Mark composition is the same and you are only changing information such as the model number, ratings, etc, only one representative sample is to be submitted. UL will return the completed review to the sender by e-mail.

Type R UL Marks may be printed at the manufacturing location authorized in the UL file or at an authorized supplier of UL Marks. If printed at an authorized supplier of UL Marks, you will need to submit a copy of the reviewed UL Mark by the label center, or a copy of the Listing/Classified Mark Data Page in your copy of the Follow-Up Service Procedure.

Please complete the following information and upload your UL Mark artwork so that a UL Label Center can process your request.